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Steps To Take When You Have a Flooded Bathroom

Dealing with a flooded bathroom can be quite challenging. The water can quickly cause damage to various features in the bathroom. It can flow into other areas and damage carpets, wooden flooring etc. This makes it necessary to tackle flooding problems quickly and efficiently.

Steps to Take

While it’s best to call in experienced plumbers like the ones at Mr Splash Plumbing for emergency plumbing services, there are certain steps that you can take while you are waiting for our  professional plumber to reach your location, such as:

  • The first thing to do is to switch off the main electrical supply. Water is a very good conductor of electricity and if any appliance or device comes into contact with it that can cause electrocution if someone is in that area.
  • The next step is to turn off the water supply at the mains.
  • Make sure that no kids and pets wander into that area.
  • If you are planning to walk into that space, wear rain boots while doing so.
  • Turn off all the faucets and valves in that area.

 How a Plumber Will Tackle the Problem

When our licensed plumber arrives at your location, he will:

 Use pumps to pump out all the excess water from the bathroom and make sure it is disposed of at a distance from that area.

  • Inspect all the plumbing in order to determine what caused the problem. If you have some inkling of where the leak originated from you can give them that information.
  • Once the problem has been identified, you will be provided with a solution and quote for the job.
  • Once you approve the quote, our plumber will fix the problem immediately.

For any plumbing enquiries, feel free to contact Mr. Splash Plumbing at this number-(02) 8093 5457 or simply send us an email via this contact us form to schedule a booking and we will respond promptly.



Why High Water Pressure Problems Need To Be Fixed On Time

water pressure banner

It isn’t satisfying to bathe under a shower that doesn’t have sufficient water pressure. In fact, low water pressure can be quite annoying to deal with in the kitchen or even when you are watering your lawns or washing your car with a garden hose.

But what most people don’t realise is that high water pressure poses as much of a problem as low water pressure. It causes water wastage and you end up paying very high bills. In addition, it stresses your home’s plumbing system and affects the longevity of appliances such as washing machines, hot water heaters, dishwashers etc.

High Water Pressure Signs

This makes it important that you get water pressure issues fixed as soon as you notice these signs:

  • Noisy plumbing is a very common sign of high water pressure.
  • Faucets and taps that leak at very specific times during the day are another indicator. If this generally occurs when you run a bath or take a shower, the extra pressure causes leaks in the in the sink faucet.
  • Sometimes a constantly running toilet also indicates high water pressure.

The Solution

Like any other plumbing problem, it’s always important to get high water pressure issues fixed on time. These problems are best handled by experts like the ones at Mr. Splash Plumbing. We are a highly experienced plumbing company and provide efficient and affordable services. We will install a pressure reducing valve if we find that a high water pressure problem exists on your property.

We always recommend that customers get regular plumbing maintenance done as that reduces the chances of problems such as these from occurring. For any plumbing enquiries, feel free to contact Mr. Splash Plumbing at this number- (02) 8093 5457 or simply send us an email via this contact us form to schedule a booking and we will respond promptly.

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