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Plumbing maintenance tips for winter

It is estimated that the average homeowner spends an average of $ 400 to $ 500 per year on plumbing costs, including hiring a plumber and purchasing the necessary parts and supplies.


Renewing water pipes: Tips for installation

Water Pipes

After decades of everyday use, water pipes often have many deficiencies over time due to age. If these pipes are not properly replaced, serious issues may arise in near future.


What causes low water pressures?

water pressure banner

Thousands of homeowners regularly have a problem with low water pressure, simply because they do not know what the cause is. If you cannot take a shower and water your lawn at the same time, probably it’s a good time to improve your water pressure and contact a plumbing service to check your water system.


What hot water system should you buy?

Hot Water Systems

Hot water is one of the main components of comfort at your house. We use it without even thinking about it. However, before entering the tap, the water must be heated. Accordingly, your task is to choose a water heater that will produce hot water at the right temperature at the right time, without going beyond your budget.


How to minimize your water bill this season!

Water Bill

Everyone knows that water is a precious resource that must be preserved. In addition, we must understand that water consumption also leads to energy consumption. First of all, there is hot water that uses energy to be heated. Then there is the energy that is used to transport water, for example from the well to the water tower. Reducing your water bill means; first and foremost, reducing your energy bill.


Simple tips to maintain your hot water tank

Hot Water Tank

The average life of a residential hot water system is just over 10 years. However, depending on the area where the water is more acidic and contains too much magnesium, the average lifespan of hot water tanks drop significantly. This drastic drop happens not only because of the water but also because of poor maintenance, including the lack of knowledge of the role of the sacrificial anode. However, it is an essential component of the water heater because it prolongs its life by preventing the corrosive effects of water in the tank.