Most of the time, you would be counting on a professional to unblock drains. Well, if you are ready to try something unconventional, we have something you would be excited to learn.

In most households, clogged drains are common. Although you might be willing to experiment with home remedies, it would be wise to contact a professional plumber Sydney. Drains happen to get clogged for several reasons. In kitchens, the sinks get choked by grease, the residue of soap, and foreign food particles. Likewise, shower drains may get choked with dirt, hair, and soap buildup. In an effort to dislodge the clog, you may try out certain home remedies. However, remember that these do not serve as a permanent solution. Seeking professional support from reputed plumbers is highly recommended. Most plumbers receive calls when these small issues get messed up with. It would be wise not to tamper with your sinks or drainage pipes.

In this post, you will get to know a home remedy using coke, that can temporarily help you unclog your drains. This might appear as a bit of a surprise to you, but you can get a temporary relief once you deploy this tactic.

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Using coke to unclog your drains

Well, many households use coke to vanquish drainage blocks. You might have heard how nails or teeth get dissolved when you drop them in a glass of coke and leave it over time. Coke serves as a better clog remover than several other commercial products. Its carbon content works as an excellent dissolving agent. You can use coke to unclog the drains at your residence.

Firstly, get a two-liter coke bottle. Let it stay at room temperature for some time. Now, pour down the contents down the drain. You will find the liquid fizz, and the corrosive strength of coke will do its work down the pipe. You must be knowing that Coke contains phosphoric acid. This eventually disintegrates or breaks down the blocking elements that clog your pipes.

At times, the pipes develop strong buildups, caused by limescale. While the regular cleansers fail to make an impact, coke can easily remove these blockages. Given that coke is easily available, you can use it to unblock drains in your kitchen, toilet, and other spaces.

Misunderstandings on using coke to remove drain blockages

While coke serves as a good home remedy to remove clogs from drains and pipes, it may not come to your rescue every time. Particularly, when you are not sure about the reason behind the clog, it is recommended to seek professional support. You can easily reach out to a plumber Sydney and get dedicated assistance in this case. At times, problems in the sewer system may lead to complications. Therefore, coke may not be the right solution for every drainage problem. Well, you have a home remedy, but not a valid reason to count on it every other day. Make sure to reach out to experienced plumbers and get your pipes inspected.

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