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Plumbing installations are essential to the working of any property, be it residential or commercial. But these installations are used day in and day out. We don’t realise it, but a lot of grease, oils, food remnants, soap and hair tend to go down the drain pipes. In addition there are times when tree roots in-grow into the drains through fine cracks or joints in the installation.

Over time, these roots grow to an enormous extent as they get a lot of nutrients and water from the drain. Eventually, the roots form a type of net inside the drain pipe and the food particles, soap and other debris get caught in this “net”. Before long, this creates a block and that’s what causes a sewer backup or a water backup in the shower areas or sinks; a plunger becomes ineffective in cleaning this block.

Jet blasting Sydney Jet blasting Sydney
jet blasting

The methodical approach to clearing drain blocks

When you call us to fix the drain block or the sewer backup issue, our experts come over to your location. We know that a Blocked Toilet Drain, a blocked sewer or a blocked shower drain is an emergency and that is exactly why we provide 24/7 services. There was a time when plumbers would tackle this job with hand rods & cutters which were highly ineffective in clearing tree roots from drain pipes. Fortunately, now there is a lot of new technology in this field, and we at Mr Splash Plumbing invest very heavily in this new technology. Not only does this improve our efficiency, but it also provides you value, as it reduces the amount of time taken to do the job well.

About Jet Blasting

Our expert plumbers that come over to your location will carry the latest equipment live drain CCTV cameras as well as a Jet Blasting machine. These hydro-jetting machines are the absolute latest and highly effective in clearing the most stubborn drain blocks. Take a look at how this piece of equipment works:

A flexible cable is inserted into the problematic line

Water that is pressurised to 5000 psi is then shot through its nozzle attachment

The cable, that comes from a unit that built into one of our specialised vehicles, is able to reach a blockage up to 100 metres down the darkest drains

The greasy accumulations will be completely removed by this Jet Blasting machine

The tree roots will be sliced right through

The drain will be completely cleaned

jet blasting jet blasting

The Jet Blasting machine is typically used to clear blocked sink drains, Blocked Sewers as well as blocked storm- water drains. We work in a safe manner and only highly trained and experienced plumbing experts handle this particular job.

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