Overflowing Drains

Overflowing drains can end up creating a huge mess, and the sewage backup creates an unhygienic environment on your property. Various things, including the accumulation of dirt, debris, hair, grease, etc. can clog the drains.

Blockages in drains and the overflow they cause are never a sudden occurrence. It’s only when these things build up in the drains over many months that they create a stubborn block which can be very difficult to fix. We at Mr Splash Plumbing provide prompt and efficient overflowing drains services to residential and commercial clients.

We have the experience, technology, and know-how to tackle every job to industry standards. We recommend to our clients that they should always be on the lookout for potential blockages as that saves them from dealing with more severe issues like overflowing drains.

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overflowing drain repairs

Common signs of drain blocks

The signs you should be looking out for include:

  • Smelly drains
  • Gurgling sounds from the drain
  • Sewer flies hovering around the drain
  • Gurgling sound from the toilet after you have flushed it

Just as it’s essential to notice these signs, it’s also crucial that you get these issues investigated by skilled and experienced plumbers. There are times when property owners try to handle these tasks themselves. They use store-bought drain cleaners or try to clear the block using a plunger. However, these are nothing but temporary fixes. The vacuum action of the plunger helps to remove the block momentarily.

Once you stop using the tool, the block moves back into place, and you will find yourself dealing with overflowing drains all over again. In case of a complete sewer block, the sewer water and sludge has nowhere else to go. That ultimately results in overflowing drains and the backed up water may also emerge from the sinks, bathtubs, and shower areas in your home.

Causes of Overflowing Drains?

As mentioned, overflowing drains never happen without warning. If you have ignored the warning signs, you will eventually find yourself in a fix. Many different things can cause this problem; some of the most common are:

Deterioration in the Drain Pipe

Old clay pipes tend to crack over time. Sometimes, the decline could result in a complete collapse of the pipe, which can cause a blockage. If you find yourself dealing with constantly drained blocks, its best to call us without delay.

Debris accumulation

Things like grease, soap, food scraps, wet wipes, etc. can build up within the drain pipes and cause overflowing drains.

Tree Roots

This is another common reason for blockages in drains. The tree roots infiltrate underground pipes and form a net that becomes an obstruction for different types of debris in the pipe.

Stormy weather

Excessive rainfall can also result in overflowing drains. This is especially true if there is a significant overflow from the public systems. You must turn off the backflow valve and wait till the rainfall reduces.

overflowing drains overflowing drains

How Professionals Tackle Overflowing Drains

Drain overflow problems need to be dealt with right away. As mentioned at the outset, these problems can cause unhygienic conditions on your property, and the water can also cause damage to various features on your property. We use CCTV drain cameras and equipment such as jet blasters and root cutters in our work. This helps to ensure that the overflowing drain problem is dealt with efficiently and quickly.

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