Tree Root Removal

Tree roots are the nemesis of drains on your property. This is a very common problem that people face. Over time, if some minor fractures develop in the drain blocked pipes, the tree roots growing in the surrounding soil infiltrate the drain. They find the conditions inside the drain just perfect for growth. They absorb water and nutrients and thrive. Before long, they form a net of sorts inside the drain and the food particles, debris and grease get trapped in them. Soon this starts turning into a clog and it blocks the entire drain. Eventually, this results in:

  • Sewer backup in the toilets
  • Backup in the shower, bathroom
  • Water flooding in the kitchen sinks and the laundry spaces
  • You will find that the water in the sinks doesn’t drain as fast as it should and eventually it stops draining altogether
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Foul odours
  • Damage to the drain pipes
  • A complete collapse of the drain pipes
tree root removal tree root removal
removal tree root

We at Mr Splash Plumbing have years of experience in handling tree root removal jobs and other plumbing issues. We have the technology, the experience as well as the resources and skill to tackle even the most stubborn tree root blocks from your drain pipes.

Tree Root Removal – The Work Process

We attend to the tree root removal job very fast and this ensures smooth flow of the drains and they begin functioning to their full potential. We follow a very methodical approach to removing tree roots from drains:

Special tree root cutters will be used inside the drains to cut these strong roots

The tree roots will be removed with the use of jet blasting equipment

Drains will be unclogged

Once the drain pipes are all free of the roots, we then use a drain CCTV camera to identify if there is any other Blocked Drain and damage to the pipes

Once we have a clear view of what kind of damage the roots have caused to the drain pipe, we decide whether a pipe patch would work or whether we would have to action pipe relining or replace a segment of the pipe. This work will also be tackled in the best possible way.

removal tree root removal tree root

Our vehicles are well-stocked with all the necessary plumbing equipment, spares and fittings.

This helps us complete the tree root removal work quickly and efficiently. In turn, this means you too benefit from this approach as it means less of a hassle and cost to you. We are the experts that are able to provide high grade solutions at very cost-effective price points. Since we operate 24/7, you can always call us for emergency tree root removal jobs.

We are the tree root removal experts that operate in a meticulous manner and focus on doing the job right, the first time around.

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