Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes are a very common plumbing issue. This issue isn’t one that occurs all of a sudden. In fact, it takes a very long time for the debris, food particles, soap, grease, etc, to build up to a point where it actually blocks the entire pipe. Once this clog gets stubborn, it won’t allow the water to pass through at all. The common reasons for blocked pipes are:

  • Piping Crack or Breakage
  • Pipe Sagging
  • Piping Collapse
  • Overrunning Tree Roots

But as we just mentioned, these problems don’t crop up all of a sudden and there are always some warning signs like frequent water flooding in the kitchen or bathroom sink. However, we just presume or hope its something minor, use a plunger, and happily watch the water gurgle down the previously blocked pipes. Little do we realize that this is nothing more than a stop-gap arrangement?

broken drain-pipe

The vacuum created by the plunger only creates a bit of pressure in the pipe and loosens the block which allows the water to pass through.

After some time, you will find that even using the plunger doesn’t do the trick, and it’s best that you call in the blocked pipes experts to tackle the job for you.

Call Blocked Pipe Repair Experts

We at Mr. Splash Plumbing are one of the most reputed and sought-after companies in the plumbing industry. Over the years, we have tackled a large number of plumbing jobs of varying complexity.

And Blocked Drains can truly be a complex job to handle sometimes. With years of experience behind us, we have developed the expertise and skill to tackle these jobs in an expert and skilled manner.

We follow a very methodical approach to clearing blocked pipes:

Our expert plumbers will come over to your location in a vehicle stocked with the latest technology and tools used in plumbing jobs.

The plumber will first ascertain the severity of the block. In case he finds that it can be cleared with the use of the hydro-jet machine, it will be used to clear the clog

In case the block seems very severe, we will use the latest and most technologically advanced CCTV drain camera to identify what is causing the block

Once we have a clear idea about the cause, they will then start with clearing it all with the use of a specialized root cutting machine

Once the entire drain has been cleared of the stubborn mesh of roots, we will then use chemicals such as ROOTX and VAPOROOTER to stop and kill the tree roots. This prevents them from growing again.

In case the block has been caused due to pipe sagging, collapse, crack, or breakage, the debris will be removed and the necessary repairs will be carried out.

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