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        Blocked Drain Discount Price
        • Blocked Drains, tap and toilets
        • Blocked Drains, tap and toilets
        • Blocked Drains, tap and toilets
        • Blocked Drains, tap and toilets
        • Blocked Drains, tap and toilets
        • Blocked Drains, tap and toilets
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        • Sydney’s most recommended & trusted plumbers
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        “ I recently used Mr Splash Plumbing and would highly recommend them to every. The team that came to my house was very professional and respectful that I had a sleeping baby and ensured they were as quiet, quick and as clean as possible. Very happy with service and price. ”

        -MICHELLE M.

        “ Great and quick service. They came on time to fix my blocked drains and the problem was solved in no time, they also cleaned and left the places clean as if nothing happened. Their price was very reasonable.... ”

        - SAM B.

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        Mr Splash Plumbing
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        Mr. Splash Plumbing: Professional Plumber Sydney

        Mr. Splash is a Sydney Plumber, who specialized in all kinds of plumbing from replacements of hot water systems, gas installation, blocked drain to toilet repairs. Our trained and experienced Sydney Plumbers cover the entire Sydney region, fixing the plumbing issues once for all. We deliver the best plumbing services at an affordable price. All work is performed by licensed professionals Plumbers and is fully insured and assured. Our professional plumbers Sydney are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all plumbing emergencies. We give quotes free of charge and can assist you with your plumbing needs over the phone.

        Plumbing Sydney Expert – Most Trusted Plumber

        Mr. Splash Plumbing Sydney is a Reliable, Licensed, Experienced & Affordable Plumbing Company. When our technician comes to your home, you will feel confident knowing he’s highly qualified and experienced for all your plumbing needs. Mr. Splash Plumbing Company is fully licensed and insured for your safety and protection. Our fleet of vehicles is fully equipped to fix all plumbing issues you may be experiencing on the spot.  We obey all the NSW Government law for Plumbers & Drainers and all our Plumbers have been handpicked and welcomed into the Mr. Splash family confidently, we are also proud that we now have over 25 fully equipped mobile plumbing units servicing Sydney wide with a 15-25 minute arrival time for any emergency or blocked drain in Sydney.

        Our Plumbers Sydney Respect for You and Your Home That is Unmatched

        When you invite a Mr. Splash Plumbing technician into your home, you can be 100% confident that they will leave the inside of your home in the same condition it was in before they had arrived. We go the extra mile to assure that the job is done immaculately, you would never know you had a plumber in your home, to begin with. To protect your home’s floors and/or carpet all our technicians are required to take their shoes off before they enter your home unless you state otherwise.

        Up-Front Pricing for all the Plumbing Fittings

        Mr. Splash Plumbing can assure you that there are no hidden costs or last-minute add-on fees. We charge all our clients by the job we need to complete; all prices are pre-approved before commencing with the work to ensure the client is happy with the cost.

        The Job is Done Right the First Time

        When a Mr. Splash Plumbing technician comes to your home, he is experienced enough to fix the problem right the first time. All Plumbers are fully equipped to ensure the job is complete as soon as possible. We have Local Plumbers in all regions to complete jobs in the time frame required by our clients.

        24 hours Emergency Plumber Service

        Mr. Splash Plumbing’s call center is open 24 hours, 7 days a week with the friendliest and most experienced customer service consultants. You will always speak with a qualified plumber in person and your problem will be solved immediately and efficiently. Also, we have an Emergency Plumber team that will come to you within hours to fix a plumbing issue. We will call you 30 minutes before arrival as your time is important to us and saves it from being wasted waiting around for a technician to arrive.

        Some of the Plumbing Issues Mr. Splash Can Assist With:

        Clearing Blocked Drains
        Blocked Toilets
        Jet Blasting
        Burst Water Pipes
        Leaking Taps & Toilets
        Gas Installation
        Gas Repairs
        Hot Water System Installation
        Hot water System Repairs
        • CCTV Drain Camera Inspections
        • Strata and Real Estate Plumbing

        Plumbing Tips

        What do I do if I have a plumbing emergency?
        Call us on 02 8093 5457 and let us know the nature of the problem you are experiencing. Regardless of the time, we will be able to send you a professional Plumber team to deal with your issue. We offer a wide range of plumbing services 24/7 to homes and businesses throughout Sydney. If you have a leak or clogged drain, you need to repair a leaking pipe or other plumbing services you can contact us 24 hours a day. In addition, we offer the possibility of installing new bathrooms, toilets, showers, hot water systems and much more. We offer the best prices for plumbing emergency service. Contact us and you will be assisted by a qualified plumber who will offer you immediate solutions in case of an emergency. We have plumbers to serve in any area of Sydney in less than 3 hours.

        Is there a difference between hard and soft (freshwater)?

        You have probably heard of hard water and freshwater. The difference between the two comes from the limestone levels they contain: hard water is the one that has a greater amount of limestone while freshwater has less.


        It is called hard water when it contains a high level of minerals, specifically magnesium and calcium salts. These waters are usually subterranean soils of limestone, which increases the levels of limestone and magnesium, among others. Hard water also leaves more residues, for example, limestone on the drains and pipes, causing problems in the house. For this reason, in geographical areas with hard water, it is recommended to use products that avoid the formation of limestone.

        Why do we run out of hot water so quickly?

        A desire to relax in a warm bath to relax from a hard day’s work but there is a problem: there is no more hot water. A shower with cold water wakes you up but it’s not very pleasant.


        Different type of breakdown


        Two types of failures can be the source of the disappearance of hot water. Hydraulic failure and electrical failure:


        You notice that the hot water is no longer flowing or that the flow is too low, so it is a hydraulic failure. The intervention of a professional plumber will be necessary in this case.


        The water continues to flow at a normal flow; however it comes out cold, so it is an electrical failure.


        In both cases, several problems can be the cause. We give you the means to identify them. Even if the cold water has good virtues, a shower with it can make you lose your good mood.


        The power failure


        You have identified that the problem comes from an electrical failure. You must check your power supply.


        Start by checking if your water heater is well powered. If you have a timer, which allows you to decide when the water should be heated, see if it works properly.


        Finally, test the circuit breaker and the fuses that are dedicated to your water heater. A short-circuit may very well have caused the hot-water failure. If after all these checks the problem persists, contact a specialist.


        A water heater failure


        In case of hydraulic failure, the problem may come from the water heater. The water inside the tank may have difficulty heating. It can come:


        • From resistance, it will increase the heat of the water to the temperature you have designated before sending it to the faucets.


        • Limestone formation will reduce the volume of water present in the tank and, therefore, your amount of hot water. Limestone is formed more rapidly in high-temperature water. Do not hesitate to lower the degree of resistance.


        Does the liquid drain cleaner damage the pipes?

        Drain cleaners on the shelf – they might work like a charm and the problem will be solved. Other times, however, it barely works against the clog to get it out of the pipes and a plumber is required. It solves the problem but sometimes warns that using a liquid cleaner can damage your pipes.


        Liquid drain cleaners are chemical or enzymatic based. They burn or eat obstructions in the drains. Enzymatic cleaners essentially digest the blockage and rarely cause damage to the pipes. Chemical cleaners work because of their reactive nature. The interaction of the chemical with the material causing clogging creates a gaseous heat to burn it.


        When gases burn through the plug, they can also burn through the pipes or fittings of your plumbing system. Houses have pipes made of several different substances. Galvanized steel, copper, and PVC plastic are the most common.


        Why do I have low water pressure in my shower?

        Poor water pressure is often caused by clogged pipes and may also be due to reduced pressure in the water line due to leaks, equipment failures, or blocked service hoses, but most faucets are equipped with a water limiter. For new faucets, the pressure may be lower than the old faucets could provide. When it comes to an old installation, the truth is that we get used to the pressure of the shower faucet and maybe we do not realize that we have only a thin trickle of water and we think it is enough. Contact our professional plumbers if you cannot fix the issue on your own.



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