Electric Hot Water Systems

Mr Splash Plumbing is one of the leading companies in the plumbing industry. Most homes have electric hot water systems and most people don’t even pay too much attention to them, until the time they start working erratically or stop working altogether. And when they do, it becomes crucial for you to get the problem fixed without delay. In most instances, it’s not even possible for you to wait around all day for a plumber to come and attend to the issue.

We understand the urgency of the situation and are able to provide you with the range of services including Hot Water Systems Repair & installations, repair, servicing and replacement. Since we operate 24/7, you are assured that no matter what time of the day or night you call, we will attend to the job on an emergency basis. This gives you peace of mind as you know that a vetted and well-established company is on call round-the-clock, to attend to your plumbing needs.

dux hot water dux hot water installation
dux hot water

We are a highly customer-centric company and focus on providing customers the kind of solutions they need, exactly when they need them. Today, there are a large number of electric hot water system brands in Australia and we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to handle installation and repairs of different electric hot water systems.

Electricity costs are constantly on the rise. In addition, excessive use of electricity also has a negative impact on the environment. These are some of the reasons why people are now switching to gas hot water systems. However, times are changing and some of the biggest manufacturers of electric hot water systems are now investing large amounts of money on R&D and are bringing to market systems that are highly energy-efficient. This has helped property owners in a big way to make the right choice of electric hot water systems.

The Different Systems We Can Install

We are the experts that can install, repair, replace and service a range of systems such as:

dux hot water installation dux hot water

If you are considering installation of an electric hot water system, either on your commercial or residential property, all you have to do is call us at Mr. Splash Plumbing and speak with our experts about your specific requirements. They will provide you with the best options in continuous flow as well as storage options; this will help you make a more well-informed choice.

In case of any downtime on the electric hot water systems in your home or commercial establishment, do not attempt to conduct any checks or repairs on your own. This can be extremely dangerous. Call our residential and Commercial Plumbing Sydney’s expert we will come to you within 1 hour.

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