Blocked Sewers

When a sewer gets blocked, your bathroom can get totally flooded with filthy, smelly sewer backup. When we find it so difficult to deal with a blocked toilet or sink, just imagine how terrible it can be to deal with blocked sewer problem. This issue actually ends up disrupting various plumbing components across your property. In a case the problem is very severe, you may also find that some of the drains are overflowing with sewage. The one thing to keep in view here is that it isn’t a job you would be able to tackle yourself.

clear blocked sewers blocked sewers sydney
blocked sewers sydney

It is crucial that you call in blocked sewer experts to deal with the issue.

In case this problem occurs at an odd hour of the day or week, you will have to call a Plumbing Company that provides 24/7 services. Mr Splash Plumbing is one such company that has been providing consistent, high-grade services to customers across the region. We are the experts that provide customised solutions, use the latest equipment and have highly skilled, trained and licensed plumbing experts on our team, who tackle the problem in the best possible way.

Methods to Clear a Blocked Sewer

Every plumber on our team is highly skilled and well-trained and will be able to tackle this job in the most expert manner. We are the Unblock Toilet Drain and blocked sewer experts that operate in a meticulous way and focus on doing the job right, the first time around.

CCTV Camera Inspections

In case the blockage is very severe, we first use a drain CCTV camera to identify the exact location of the block & what is causing the clog. This is one of the best methods to detect the cause of any persistent blocks in the drain.

Jet blasting

We use the latest hydro-jetting machines to clear the entire sewer quickly and permanently. This hose is able to negotiate the angles and curves in the sewage pipe. It moves down the pipe and applies a large amount of pressure on the block. These jet blasting machines are able to clear blocks caused by tree roots, hair, grime, grease, food particles and paper etc.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

Our vehicles are stocked with different specialised, commercial sewer cleaning chemical formulations such as ROOTX and VAPOROOTER to stop and kill the tree roots. This prevents them from growing again. This is safe for plants, animals and kids.

Sewer Repairs

In some cases, the blocked sewer also leads to major damage in the pipeline. We conduct a thorough check on the entire line, manually from the outside & using a CCTV camera from the inside. We use pipe patching to fix smaller cracks and in case the problem is more severe, we will reline the pipe.

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