Smelly Drains

A drain block is never a sudden occurrence in that there are always certain signs that precede it. In most instances, we tend to overlook water collecting in the sink or the bathroom and shower areas pooling up and the water draining from the sinks slower than usual. Smelly drains are one more common sign that there is a block in the pipes. These foul odours are hard to miss and in some cases, can be so severe that they spread through the entire indoor spaces of your home.

The unfortunate part is that most property owners try to “solve” the blocked drain using drain cleaners they pick up from supermarkets, or when the water doesn’t drain quickly from the sink, they may use a plunger. This is a very temporary fix. In fact, it isn’t a fix at all! The vacuum just clears the space inside the drain. Once you stop using the plunger, the block closes and the problem will recur very soon. When a sewage line gets completely blocked, the sludge and sewage water don’t have any choice except to move into reverse and it comes out of the Unblock Toilet Drain, sink or the other drains.

smelly drain smelly drain Sydney
smelly drain Sydney

Problems That Blocked Drains Can Cause

Blocked drains are a very common problem in many homes. Apart from the fact that dealing with this blocked drain issue and the smelly drains are a major annoyance, it’s also health hazard; the problem will only compound over time if it isn’t addressed without delay. The common problems that blocked drains can cause are:

  • Flooding
  • Unsanitary environment
  • Structural damage to a building
  • Damage to appliances and furniture
  • Damage to floorboards, underlayment and carpets
  • Irreparable drain damage

Blocked Drains – How We Fix Them

CCTv Camera Inspections help us identify what is causing the block

Jet blasting technology is use to clear the stubborn blocks

Chemical Drain Cleaning such as ROOTX and VAPOROOTER is used to stop and kill the tree roots

In some cases, the blocked drains also cause major cracks and damage in the pipes. During the inspection, if we do notice any damage to the drain pipe, we recommend that the specific portion be patched or relined.

smelly drain Sydney smelly drain Sydney

High Grade Solutions

It is crucial that you address smelly drains issues without delay. The longer you delay getting it attended to, the more severe the drain block becomes. We are the experts that provide high-quality plumbing services at very reasonable rates. Every plumber on our team is highly skilled and well-trained and will be able to tackle this job in the most expert manner.

We are the experts that can fix the issue that is causing smelly drains. We focus on doing the job right, the first time around.

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