Generally, you will never find a properly installed drainage system emitting a foul smell.

The reason is simple. The design of drainage systems ensures that all wastewater and sewage odours are kept out of the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry places. However, a foul stench from any of these areas indicates there is some issue in the drainage system.

Our experience at Mr Splash Plumbing shows that smelly drains are one of the most common signs of a problem brewing in your drainage installations. As soon as you notice this issue, get it resolved immediately. We provide a vast range of plumbing services and handle all types of plumbing problems like smelly and Blocked Drains.

Mr Splash Plumbing
Mr Splash Plumbing

Why Do Drains Emit A Foul Smell?

Look at this list of common reasons for smelly drains:

  • Blocked Pipes – As we all know, collected wastewater that does not drain unhindered through the drain pipes begins to smell, and emits an unbearable stench. The reason is the presence of gases in drainage pipes. If this water accumulates and backs up, foul smell will permeate your bathroom, kitchen, laundry area as well as other areas in your house.
  • Water Barrier – Let us understand this technical aspect of your drainage system. A water barrier in the drainage system keeps sewage gases away from the indoor areas of your home. The P-trap system acts as a permanent seal and ensures that no gas escapes from the system. When the water in the P-trap dries up, foul smell finds its way into your house. Generally, this happens when a drain remains unused for a long time or is disturbed.
  • Faulty Drainage Line – A malfunction in the drainage system may result in a foul smell from your drain. It allows gases in the sewer to escape, break the water barrier and spread in your house.

Expert Solutions

Whenever people face a smelly drains’ issue, they invariably use home remedies such as poring vinegar or baking soda into a drain to clear blockages; this sometimes works, but not always. The best solution in case of Drains Repairs is to call a licensed professional plumber to inspect your drainage system, identify an issue, and provide an efficient solution to eliminate foul odour.

A reputed plumbing company with years of experience in the field offers efficient and quick services. They also provide a guarantee for the work undertaken. It ensures that customers are 100% happy with the solutions and services. Their qualified experts have skills to deal with any plumbing problem.

We at Mr Splash Plumbing handle a variety of plumbing projects, big and small, including smelly drain work. As a credible company, we go the extra mile to satisfy our customers with prompt and reliable services at affordable costs. For guaranteed plumbing solutions, call us any time of the day and night.

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