Identifying blockages in your drainage system may take some time. However, no sooner you detect blocked drains, you should get the issue fixed. Sensing this blockage often becomes a painstaking task, given that the obstruction might be lying deep inside one of your pipes. In these cases, you need to look beyond home remedies. Hiring a professional for plumbing Sydney would be the most viable solution.

Now, you would be looking for clues to get an idea about the condition of your drainage system. Although the glitch may show up apparently late, make sure not to let the blockage mess up with your drainage mechanism. In this post, you will get to know about the most prominent signs indicating blocked drains. Eventually, you can quickly fix the issue before your sink or washroom starts overflowing.

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4 warning signs indicating blocked drains

Read on to know the four warning signs indicating that you need to call a plumber to do the needful.

1. Unpleasant smells

The bad odour being emitted from your drains, sinks or plug holes may clearly convey the sorry state of your drains. This smell keeps coming as a result of the slow decomposition of fats and food particles stuck in the pipe. Particularly, when you turn your tap on, the odour will become stronger. In certain cases, you may pour water down the drain yourself to resolve the issue. However, if the issue persists, you need to get a professional for plumbing Sydney.

2. Slow drainage

You might suddenly realize that the water in your washroom or kitchen is flowing relatively slowly down the drain. This is a clear indicator of choked pipes. From time to time, you need to inspect your sinks, toilets and baths. Slugging drainage of water takes place as the liquid has to squeeze through the small area. This disrupts the flow of water, eventually leading to slow drainage. However, if you find this issue with all your sinks, appliances and drainage outlets, the sewer drain might be having some issues.

3. Unusual or gurgling sounds

At times, you might hear strange sounds originating from your drain. This is a big giveaway, particularly if you happen to hear a gurgling sound. This indicates that the pipe has got air trapped in it. While the water runs through your drainage pipes, they have to flow around the obstructed zone. The air and water, therefore, gets pushed up to create this noise. The accumulation of rubbish in your drains, including oil, soap, food particles or grease, may trap the air.

4. Raised level of water

If you observe that the water level in your sink or washroom has comparatively risen up, it might indicate clogged drains. You can find out whether your drains are clogged or not by performing the following test. Simply flush your toilet or run your taps, and take a note of whether the water level soars up. In case you find it does, it indicates a blockage. In case you are unable to remove the obstruction yourself, it would be wise to seek professional support.

Now, you know what to do in case you detect any of these symptoms. Time won’t heal your drainage issues, so make sure not to ignore these problems. Look out for a professional plumber in your city and get the pipes cleared.

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