Blocked drains can be messy. They are inconvenient and a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Waking up to see the sink filled with dirty water will make you run for the plunger. You try as hard as you can yet there is no change. This is a common scenario in most homes. But when it occurs, your daily schedule tends to go for a toss. You need to attend to the blocked drain on priority. If you defer it only gets worse.

Sometimes the blockage is stubborn or occurs deep into the drain. It might be so severe that professional intervention becomes mandatory. There might be times when you clean the drain but the blockage keeps recurring every few days. Such instances also require a plumber since they will solve the problem from its root cause.

While dealing with this emergency you might forget to check whether clogged drains are covered in your home insurance. With so many clauses listed, going through each to know if clogged drains are covered can be tedious and confusing. You might end up spending more time on the insurance policy perusal than you would spend in calling a plumber and getting the problem resolved.

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Drains and home insurance

It is also important to understand what your home insurance covers before calling for professional plumbing Sydney. All insurance policies are different but certain things are common irrespective of where and which home insurance policy you procure. Some important points to know regarding the coverage of drains in-home policy are:

Accidental damage: Concerning drains, most policies would cover accidental damages. It is, however, difficult to define the meaning of “accidental damage” and hence insurance companies can refuse to pay out citing some technicality. Broadly, speaking, natural corrosion of drains is not considered accidental damage. But, damages incurred due to the intrusion of a tree root or tree excavation nearby does fall under the aegis of accidental damage.

Which drains are covered: You are only responsible for all drains that fall within the boundary of your property. In the case of connecting drains, you will only be responsible for those sections that fall inside your boundary. Your neighbours are responsible for portions that fall under theirs even if you share usage of the same. In most cases, the maintenance of these shared drains is not covered under home insurance. But the final decision rests with the Insurance Company and you might have to take out an additional policy to get coverage for these. However, if you face problems because of drain blockages in your neighbour’s section, then they will have to ensure clearance of the same.

Clogged drains: The question here is whether clogged drains are covered under home insurance policies. Two very important points to remember here are:

  • If you own a home insurance policy that specifically mentions the same, then you are on safe grounds. All structural damages incurred due to water leakage from blocked drains will be covered under the home insurance policy. Additionally having a contents policy will cover all valuable ruined as an after-effect of a blocked drain.
  • However, a home insurance policy does not cover actions taken on the blocked drain. It does not cover expenses incurred when your plumber:
  • Clears the blockage,
  • Repairs the blocked drain or
  • Replaces the blocked drain to prevent further blockages.

Nevertheless, home insurance policies are not sacrosanct. Policies offered by different Insurance companies also differ. Hence, you should compare all the available home insurance policies and select the one that offers you maximum coverage for all plumbing Sydney jobs. This will give you peace of mind and benefit you financially.

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