A home without a gas system is rare, as people use gas for cooking or heating their homes. You need a reliable and well-installed gas line connected to your home. No one wants to take the risk of a gas leak in their home, as gas is highly flammable.  A leak from any part of the gas system can be harmful. Its why you need a professional to check your system to ensure the safety of the gas connection.

Call your trusted local gas fitter- Mr Splash Plumbing. Our gas fitters work on all aspects of gas lines and fittings. Working with these installations is a specialist’s job, so if you have gas installations on your property for any purpose hire a licensed, Gas Repairs to handle the job for you.


Facts About Gas Fitters And Why You Should Hire Them

Gasfitters are trained to carry out various gas-related jobs. They handle gas lines and appliances with skill and ease. We explain here their work profile that shows why it is necessary to call them if you have any problem with your gas system.

1. A Professional License Is A Prerequisite

Always ensure that a licensed gas fitter works on your gas system. Handling this work requires training and experience because it is a dangerous job. Only licensed technicians are legally permitted to work on gas lines.

2. Gas Fitting Professionals Understand Building & House Plans

When gas fitting professionals tap into gas lines for repairs, they work with extreme care and planning. They examine the sketches of the house or building plans to locate the gas lines correctly. The work is not as simple as it looks. The plan will have drawings with lines to show the placement of walls, doors, windows, frames, spaces, etc. Only trained professionals can read these plans correctly, and they alone should handle the work of installing gas lines.

3. Gas Fitters Extend The Gas Lines Into Your Home

For your gas system to receive the gas, you need to get your home linked to the main gas line. A gas fitter performs this job. Once you are connected, you get the required volume of gas for things like cooking, home heating, etc. Restaurants also need the services of a gas fitter to ensure a safe supply to run their business in a risk-free way.

4. Gas Fitters Handle Gas Line-Related Appliances & Equipment Repairs

Gas related appliances such as gas meters, burners, gas regulators, need maintenance at intervals because they suffer wear and tear. Gas leaks occur because sometimes regulators malfunction, pipe joints develop cracks or burner knobs do not work correctly. As soon as you suspect a gas leak, stop using the appliance and immediately call a technician to set it right. Trained gas fitters attend to gas leaks in appliances and other installations.


Aside from Gas Installations, maintenance, and repairs, our team also handles all other plumbing jobs expertly. For any plumbing enquiries, feel free to contact Mr Splash Plumbing at this number- (02) 8093 5457 or send us an email via this contact us form to schedule a booking.