The technology is moving at a rapid pace and today, all the solar hot water systems are very efficient.

At Mr. Splash Plumbing, we recommend our clients to use Beasley hot water systems.

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dux hot water installation

Why Beasley?

Beasley is a part of Rinnai, a company that’s known to manufacture some excellent water heaters of all types. No one was really surprised when they entered the market of solar energy and created excellent products.

The company is one of the most trusted and recognized brands in Australia. Unlike most companies, Rinnai has over 70 years of experience in manufacturing Beasley hot water systems. The products are almost constantly improved upon and upgraded.

The result of all the effort is some of the best solar water heaters available in the market today.

The Beasley hot water systems offer quality and reliability that you can trust, along with some considerable energy savings. You’ll be very happy to receive the bill at the end of every month. Solar energy is a great way to help the environment and go green as well. These hot water systems will ensure that you have a reliable supply of hot water at all times.

Types of Systems

Rinnai offers both gas boosted and electric boosted hot water systems. Gas is more energy efficient and uses the same technology as the Rinnai’s popular Infinity Series of Continuous Flow systems.

An electric system isn’t as energy efficient as the gas one, but it functions well and won’t give you any problems. There are two types of Beasley hot water systems available in the market today.

They are:

Close Couple Solar Hot Water Systems

As the name implies, the close couple system contains both the collector panel and the tank in the same location. That means that both the tank and the panel are located on the roof. This ensures that there’s minimum heat loss and the entire system is out of sight on the roof, saving space on the ground.

The Beasley hot water systems

use the thermosiphon principle. It relies on the fact that dark materials absorb heat and heated water tends to rise. The collectors are coated in a dark, heat absorbing material. That heats the water, which rises and moves into the storage tank. The cooler water in the storage tank is circulated back into the collector.

Split System

To be frank, the close couple system tends to stand out. In such cases, the split system is a much better solution. With this system, you only need to place the collector panel on the roof. The tank is placed on the ground, out of the way.

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