Zip Hot Water Systems

If you see a surge in your energy bills but can’t figure out the cause, you might want to call in an expert to check your hot water system. We at Mr. Splash Plumbing can do that for you. We would recommend that you look into the Zip hot water systems if you want something compact and energy efficient.

dux hot water installation dux hot water installation
dux hot water installation

Why Zip Hot Water Systems?

Zip is an Australian company of great reputation. Any product you buy with their label on it has been manufactured here. You won’t need to worry about their quality. The company has been making instant hot water systems since 1947. It’s widely known for the manufacture of the world’s first boiling water faucet. The faucet provided instant boiling water from a small tank that was located under the sink. Since that time, the company has grown to provide several hot water solutions.

Zip exclusively manufactures electric hot water systems. Now, before you hit the back button and start thinking about the energy bills, stop for a moment. Zip hot water systems are highly energy efficient. In fact, some of their products are rated 6 stars. That’s because these hot water systems aren’t your average storage systems. They are continuous flow systems that heat water as and when required. Here’s a list of products that the company provides:

Instant Boiling Water

Instant boiling water can make cooking and making beverages very easy. It also helps sanitize utensils and clean food items. Zip offers several kinds of over-the-sink systems. The Zip Hydroboil is great for officers where one would need anywhere between 18 and 240 cups of boiling water. The Zip Autoboil is great for restaurants and canteens with the capacity of producing 9 to 240 cups of water. Zip Econoboil is for places that don’t require that much boiling water and can deliver 18 to 45 cups.


We mentioned the faucet that provides boiling water above. HydroTap is the latest version of it. It provides both hot and cold water directly from the tap over the sink. When you install it in your kitchen, you won’t have to go through the process of boiling your water or storing it in the fridge. You’ll get hot or cold water in an instant.

Instant and Continuous Hot Water

Zip hot water systems also include continuous flow devices that heat the water on demand, when you need it. These systems are highly energy efficient, despite being powered by electricity. The products available include Instantaneous Electric Hot Water, the M, C, and D Series continuous flow systems, the Tudor range, etc.

dux hot water dux hot water

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