Drain blockages are one of the commonest plumbing problems people have to deal with. Since the drains are under the ground, inspecting them manually becomes almost impossible.

This is where drain cameras come into the picture. A drain CCTV camera is a handy tool when you want to assess sewage and drainage pipes. The cause of the blockage is identified by lowering the camera into the pipes.

Why We Use CCTV Cameras In Our Work

At Mr Splash Plumbing, we have trained specialists for drainage inspection. These experts utilise CCTV camera technology to inspect various types of pipe systems. Drain Camera Inspection provides certain advantages such as:

  • Pipes get blocked due to the accumulation of a variety of matter like food particles, dirt, plant roots and leaves, gravel etc. CCTV cameras quickly find the nature of the blockages.
  • The images captured by the cameras are helpful in locating the areas where the pipes have become cracked or eroded.
  • While our drainage experts can quickly find the location of blockages and correct the problem, our clients too benefit due to this time and cost-saving equipment.


Cost-Effective Drain Camera Inspections


Clients look for a quick and effective solution to the problem of blockages and this is precisely what the drain camera inspection does. It helps to identify the blockages efficiently. It is a dependable and tested technique that is equally cost-efficient.


We have experience and expertise providing this service to our valued customers. The use of CCTV cameras provides us with a clear view of the nature of the pipe blockages and problems, helping us offer the appropriate solution with transparent pricing.

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