Thermann Hot Water Systems

It takes a lot of energy to make water hot enough and maintain that temperature over time. Old hot water systems are not as efficient as the ones available in the market today. Most people hesitate to change their water heating system because they worry about the expense. What you don’t realise is that the money spent is recovered over time. You’ll save enough on your energy bills to not regret the decision to buy a new system.

At Mr. Splash Plumbing, we believe that replacing your water heater is always a good decision, especially if it’s quite old. Thermann hot water systems are some of the most energy efficient ones available in the market. Their products are ideally suited for the conditions in Australia.

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dux hot water installation

Why Thermann?

We recommend Thermann because not only are their products of good quality, but they also have great customer service. Their products have consistently received great reviews from customers. Thermann has something that will fit any budget and requirement. All you need to do is decide what you want.

Here’s a list of the Thermann hot water systems available in the market.

Continuous Flow Systems

Thermann offers both gas and electric continuous flow systems. They are highly energy efficient and will save you considerable amount of money in energy bills. Thermann hot water systems have been awarded the 6-star rating, so you can be sure that they’re a good choice. Continuous flow systems are ideal for homes where the demand for hot water fluctuates. Thermann 5 Star and 6 Star products are some of the most popular in the market.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Nothing is more efficient than a solar water heating system. After all, you don’t have to worry about energy bills at all. Australia has been blessed with an abundance of sunlight, which makes solar systems every efficient.

Electric Storage

We don’t generally recommend electric storage systems to people who’re concerned about energy bills. However, if that’s not a concern, electric storage systems is a good option for you. Thermann offers both small and large hot water systems. So, no matter what your requirement is, Theramnn has a number of products that can satisfy you.

Gas Storage

The only difference between electric and gas storage hot water systems is the kind of energy they use. Gas storage systems are marginally more efficient than electric storage.

Heat Pump

The heat pump system will direct the heat energy in the air and use it to heat your water. Thermann hot water systems that use this technology, work well and are highly efficient.

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