Water Pipes

After decades of everyday use, water pipes often have many deficiencies over time due to age. If these pipes are not properly replaced, serious issues may arise in near future.

In existing and old buildings, plumbing pipes are usually in use since the completion of the building. The decades of use wear the pipes unnoticed overtime, often resulting in extensive damage to the masonry and other parts of your house. On the contrary, regular inspection of plumbing pipes can prevent defects and potential damages.

If you are renovating your bathroom or your house in general, it is the perfect time to consider replacing pipes.

Replace water pipes with the correct material

Before you can renew your water pipes, you should carefully choose the material for the pipes: As you know, the material is of immense importance for the water quality and the durability of pipes. When choosing your pipes to install, you should pay attention to suitable materials, which were ideally certified by recognized certain associations.

If you want to renew buried water pipes, plastic pipes, corrosion-resistant steel and ductile iron pipes are particularly suitable. If you want to renew above-ground water pipes in your house, you can safely use these pipes:

– Internally tin-plated copper

– Stainless steel

– Galvanized steel

Pipes made of lead may no longer be suitable for plumbing as they are believed to be hazardous.

When selecting suitable pipe materials, the expected water pressure, as well as the temperatures, should be considered in addition to the respective water quality.

Based on the results obtained, you can finally select the optimum pipe and have your water pipes replaced. The decisive factor for water consumption is the dimensioning of a water pipe. It depends on the flow rate, velocity, possible maximum pressure losses and fluctuations in the flow velocity. The usually too high pressure of the water provided by the supplier can be reduced with a built-in pressure reducer, which ensures a constant, lower outlet pressure despite different inlet pressure values and delivers it to the tap.

Replace water pipes: Professional installation

There are possible health risks due to incorrect use of pipes. There are regulations regarding suitable materials as well as compliance with water quality, it is highly advisable that you hire a professional plumber service to the job for you.

Even if you not only want to renew your water pipes, but also want to carry out further major renovations, such as installing your bathtub or washbasin in a new position, the plumber is the right person to extend the water supply if necessary. At the same time, you should have your new water pipes insulated in the course of the renovation: Thus, you are prepared for the winter and icy temperatures with strong frost and do not run the risk that your water pipes freeze or even break through frost damage.

Water pipes used for decades often wear out unnoticed over the years. In order to prevent water damage or compromise health of porous pipes, you should have your old water pipes renewed. It is urgent to ensure the use of suitable material and a proper installation!

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