Dux Hot Water

Hot water is something most homes have, and it’s also something we take for granted. We step into the shower and expect to be greeted with warm water. We turn on the kitchen hot water tap and want water of the right temperature. Most people never consider how much energy is needed to ensure they have hot water in their homes at all times. They rarely focus on the energy-efficiency aspect of the system.

But given the fact that electricity costs are always on the rise, you must ensure your hot water system is in good condition and functioning optimally. We at Mr Splash Plumbing Sydney always recommend to our customers that they should get their hot water system inspected regularly.

dux hot water installation dux hot water installation
dux hot water installation

About Dux Hot Water Systems

If you have an old system or one that needs constant repairs, it’s a good idea to consider buying a new Dux Hot Water system. On the face of it, you may find that replacing your current hot water system is an expensive proposition compared to getting it repaired. But our licensed plumbers can inspect your water heater and provide their unbiased opinion on whether repair or replacement is a good option.

Old hot water systems that work erratically and throw problems now and then result in every high repair costs annually. On the other hand, when you invest in a proven brand like Dux Hot Water, you can be sure of a good ROI.

This is a well-established brand that has been in existence since 1915. The fact that it is still around indicates that the company is recognised for quality products that are resilient and long-lasting. Over the years, The Dux Company has brought to market a wide range of energy-efficient, hot water systems that perform amazingly well and last long too. Also, the company is known for its outstanding after-sales service.

Type of Dux Hot Water Systems

Over the years, Mr. Splash Plumbing has handled installations, repairs, maintenance and replacement of different types of Dux Hot Water systems such as:

Continuous Flow

This Dux hot water system is one of the most energy-efficient and has a 5 star + rating. If your property has unpredictable hot water requirements, this is the ideal solution for you.

Electric Storage

The energy-efficiency of these systems is slightly lower than the continuous flow ones. However, the company has conducted significant research and brought to market systems that offer excellent value for money. You can choose from water heaters of varying capacities ranging from 25L-400L.

Gas Storage

These systems are in high demand and carry 4 and 5-star ratings due to their excellent energy-efficiency. You can choose replacement Dux Hot Water systems of either 135 L or 170 L capacities.

Solar Hot Water System

The need of the hour is to choose installations that are environment-friendly and offer value for money. Dux Hot Water systems also come in solar power models and its one of the best ways to save on your energy bills.

dux hot water dux hot water

Dux Hot Water Installation

Residential hot water systems represent a significant investment. So, even when you choose the best ones, you still need to hire expert installers for the job. We are the experts that offer guaranteed Dux Hot Water installation solutions. We have the technology, tools, and resources to tackle every job to industry standards.

For any enquiries about our Dux Hot Water installation, replacement and repair services, or service areas, feel free to contact Mr. Splash Plumbing at this number 02 8093 5457. Check what customers are saying about our services on this testimonials page. You can also send us an email via this contact us form to book now. and we will respond promptly.

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