Several people simply ignore low water pressure until it starts causing problems. For example, if your dishwasher isn’t working well or your shower isn’t functioning adequately, you will notice the problem. This water issue shouldn’t be ignored as it is an indication of something that can eventually damage your plumbing system severely.

At Mr Splash Plumbing, we advise our clients to look into such problems immediately after discovering them. The best way to figure out whether you have low water pressure is to inspect all the taps in your house. Based on the location of the low water pressure, you might be able to figure out the cause behind the problem. Here are a few of the most common reasons for this water issue:

 1. Build-Up of Debris

Most people believe that only drains, and sewer lines can get clogged. However, that isn’t true. The clean water that flows into your house can contain debris, as well. It includes sand, dirt, and pollutants. Although these pollutants are present in small amounts, they can eventually build-up and clog your pipes.

The build-up of these minerals eventually reduces the water pressure and results in a blockage. If all the taps in your house have low water pressure, your mains are most likely clogged. In such instances, the professionals examine the pipe thoroughly and then determine whether your pipe has mineral build-up. Strong plumbing chemicals are used to get rid of the blockage.

 2. Corrosion in Pipes

Pipes that are made of steel or galvanized water piping systems generally have a lifespan of about 20 years. Another common reason behind low water pressure is when the interior of the pipes slowly corrode over time and eventually result in blockages. The only solution to this problem is to replace your entire piping. The materials used today are significantly more durable and will last you longer. The Plumbing Professionals can help you install these highly efficient PVC water pipe systems.

 3. Pipe Leaks

Another common reason for low water pressure is leakage. If the leak is located inside your house, you can quickly determine it by inspecting the taps that have low water pressure. Once you have a rough idea of where the leak might be, you can check the system and call in a professional.

Although locating leaks in pipes isn’t complicated, there are instances when the leak is located in the portion of the pipe that’s concealed. This makes identifying the issue a complex task. Only a professional plumber can inspect the pipe and determine whether the leak is located. Almost all well-established and reputed companies use leak detection equipment to identify the source of the leak. The water pressure will return to normal as soon as the leak is fixed.

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