People tend to ignore low water pressure until it slowly starts causing severe problems. However, you will start noticing this issue once your dishwasher doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to or if your shower pressure suddenly reduces. Low water pressure can result in severe damage to the plumbing installations in your house, making it crucial that you fix this issue before it gets worse.


At Mr. Splash Plumbing, we advise our clients to address these problems as soon as they start appearing. Turn all on all taps in your house to figure out whether you have low water pressure. You might be able to figure out where the issue lies based on which area of the house you are in.


Here is a list of the most common reasons behind low water pressure:


1. Build-Up of Dirt and Debris


People often think that it’s only the drains and sewer lines that can clog, but that isn’t the case. The clean water that comes to your house still has small amounts of debris in it. Sand, dirt, and other pollutants are most common. Although these substances are present in minor amounts, they eventually end up clogging the pipes.


The water pressure reduces as a result of mineral build-up and ultimately leads to blockage. Your mains are probably clogged if none of the taps in your house has sufficient water pressure. In cases like these, the experts will inspect the entire system to determine which pipe has the build-up. Powerful plumbing solutions are used to fix these issues.


2. Leaks


Leakage is another reason for low water pressure. You can easily find out if the leak is located inside your property by inspecting all taps. If you know where the leak is originating from, call in a skilled Sydneys’ Plumber to address this issue. Even if you don’t have an idea of the origin point of the leak, the plumber will use specialised tools to identify where the problem lies and fix it.


3. Corrosion


The typical lifespan of pipes made of steel or galvanized water piping system is around 20 years. Blockages are usually caused when the interior of the pipe slowly erodes over a while. In such instances, your only option is to replace the pipeline. Today, most materials like PVC are significantly stronger and will last longer without corroding. We can help in installing a better quality water pipe system.


Preventive Plumbing Maintenance


Detecting where the leaks are originating from is a challenging task as most pipes etc. are installed behind walls and other features. Once you identify the issue, ensure that the job is completed efficiently and on time without any delays to prevent further damage from occurring. Besides, you will end up spending considerably less amount of money fixing these minor issues than waiting for them to turn into severe problems.


In addition to the installation of hot water systems, we also handle all other big and small plumbing jobs expertly. For any plumbing enquiries, feel free to contact Mr. Splash Plumbing at this number- (02) 8093 5457 or send us an email via this contact us form to schedule a booking.

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