Sometimes, when there is a plumbing emergency in your home, you may need to turn off the water metre. At others, if the installation is leaking, you may have to do the same. If the water metre had been damaged due to an accidental lawnmower or vehicle hit, the feature would need repairs without delay.

This system needs to be in good condition, and the shut-off valve has to function correctly. The spindles and tap washers should also be in good condition at all times. If something goes wrong with any of these features or the water metre, it becomes necessary to fix them immediately.


Reliable Water Metre Repairs

In situations such as these, you would need to hire the services of experienced and licensed Plumbers Sydney like the ones at Mr Splash Plumbing. We are a reputed company in this industry and cater to clients across the region. Our team of plumbing professionals works very systematically to make sure that the metre valve inspection and repairs are carried out to industry standards.

This system has a considerable amount of pressure, and the replacement or repair work has to be conducted accurately and delicately. Metre tap replacement is very different from other plumbing fixtures. This is because the water that comes in from the mains towards your property has to be frozen within the pipes since it cannot be shut down without the water metre.

It is a highly specialised job which needs the right knowledge as well as advanced techniques and technology. We handle all types of water metre repair jobs and can tackle replacement projects as well.


What Aspect of the Water Meter Repairs Are You Responsible For?

Every property owner is responsible for various aspects of their water metre including installation, regular maintenance, replacement and repairs of pipes and water fittings, that lead up to the water mains connection. This can include the pipelines that are outside the property but leading from the mains to the metre.

If your property has joint water service, you would be required to maintain it as well. Any costs related to the repairs, maintenance and replacement of these pipelines is the responsibility of all people that share utilities on that property.


What Aspects Does The Water Provider Handle?

Sydney Water is responsible for maintaining the main water connections that are typically under the street or pavement. They also are responsible for the actual water metre installed on your property and all maintenance tasks related to these fixtures. The different situations in which they would replace the water metre is if it has:

  • Become damaged
  • Become old
  • Stopped working
  • Registered the maximum possible water use
  • To be replaced because of repairs on roads and footpaths


We handle all manner of Water Meter Repair and Replacement tasks and make sure that the job is completed safely and industry standards. For any plumbing enquiries about our 24/7 emergency plumbing services, feel free to contact Mr. Splash Plumbing at this number- (02) 8093 5457 or send us an email via this contact us form to schedule a booking.