We suspect most people do. Hot water has a way of relaxing the muscles and reduce stress. To get hot water, you need an efficient hot water system.

Most homes have a system already installed. In fact, you might not even know just what kind of system you have and if it is energy efficient or not.

Heating water requires considerable energy.

If your heating system is old & inefficient, your energy bills will soar. One way to avoid this is to install a new system. Modern water heaters are usually rated high when it comes to energy savings. You’ll see the difference in your energy bills immediately.

Some of the most energy efficient systems available in the market today are made by AquaMAX.

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dux hot water installation

Why AquaMAX?

AquaMAX hot water systems are manufactured right here in Australia. There are designed and created by engineers who know and understand the country’s weather conditions.

The company was established in 1988 and most of its products are manufactured in Victoria. You can trust the solid build and quality of these heaters. While this company is relatively small in comparison to others in the market, it has a solid presence and offers great customer service.

Types of Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX offers a variety of systems. You can choose one of them depending on your needs and your budget. These systems are listed below.

At Mr. Splash Plumbing, we have experts that can handle installation of all AquaMAX hot water systems. Our experts will also offer you all the advice you need on choosing the right system for your home.

Gas Storage Systems

Gas hot water storage systems are the most common type of water heaters installed in houses. They offer on-demand hot water and are great for all kinds of families. The ones manufactured by AquaMAX are very energy efficient and have been awarded 5 energy star rating. If you’re looking to replace your old storage system with a new one, this might be a good idea.

Electric Storage Systems

Like a gas storage system, an electric storage system is also very popular amongst Australians. These systems store hot water and can supply them on demand. Electric systems aren’t as energy efficient as gas ones, but they do deliver good results.

Continuous Flow Systems

Like most manufacturers, AquaMAX also produces continuous flow systems. They are very energy efficient. AquaMAX hot water systems have been awarded 5.9 to 6 energy star rating and will have a positive impact on your energy bills. With this system, the water isn’t stored in a separate tank, but rather heated on demand.

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