Mr Splash - Sustainability and Environment

Mr Splash Plumbing is proud to be a sustainable and eco-friendly business. Helping families save water from the beginning, we remain committed to reducing our environmental impact. At the same time we understand that this is a global problem, however, although we cannot change the world all at once, we can do our part!

Our Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment

Our actions start in the office where we ensure that we operate and remain as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. By making sustainability a priority in the office, we can help to reduce our impact on the environment and create a healthier workplace for everyone.
  • 100% paperless work environment, reducing waste
  • We are online based, no consumption of extra marketing material, heavy inks and dyes
  • Our utility vehicles are driven with ECO fuel
  • Our head office in Sydney is run on 100% solar power generators
In addition to the above, when we are onsite completing jobs, we also think of the environment and our impact. For Sewer Relining Services and General Plumbing services, our tools are rechargeable battery power consuming less fuel and no requirements for petrol operation, being better for the environment and offsetting less carbon.
Mr Splash Plumbing
Mr Splash Plumbing

How our customers benefit

To all our customers who value green living, conservation of energy and reducing emissions, we offer discounts for our Plumbing Solutions. Mr Splash Plumbing is a responsible company that takes measures in sustainability in saving our earth by playing our part this means we help the others steer away from manufacturing negligence and high carbon emissions. You can also do your part by supporting plumbing companies who do theirs. As a family first Plumber, we operate under solid values, and you can trust that we are striving for a clean future for our children!.

Family First Plumber

When a Mr Splash Plumbing technician comes to your home, you will feel confident knowing they are experienced and highly qualified for all your plumbing needs. Mr Splash Plumbing is fully licensed and insured for your safety and protection. Our fleet of vehicles are fully equipped and ready to fix all plumbing issues you may be experiencing. All our plumbing technicians have been hand-picked, trained and welcomed into the Mr Splash family. As a Father and Business owner, my vision for climate change and small business owners remains the same, we must all do our part!.

For enquiries on our sustainability plumbing programs, please call our office.

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