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Welcome to Bathroom Renovations Potts Hill by Mr Splash Plumbing, your Sydney wide Bathroom Renovation Company Potts Hill & General Plumbing Company Potts Hill. We pride ourselves on our eccentric workmanship and company process. We have been established since 2010 and have always been a company with pride and love for our clients.

Bathroom Renovations Potts Hill have been an in demand service offered by Mr Splash Plumbing since 2010 with to date over 3600 Bathrooms Renovated. The growth of our bathroom renovation division has come via our unparalleled designs and workmanship. We are truly the right company to choose for your next Bathroom Renovation project. Bathroom renovations are a highly emotional project that requires a company that not only has the creative capabilities but also the experience to know the latest styles and trends that complete a finished bathroom.

Mr Splash Bathroom Renovations Potts Hill:

We can renovate and expand on any bathroom internal or external. Our team will walk you through the project and what your imagination of your new bathroom will look like. Advice and guidance is the most valuable asset when it comes to going through any type of bathroom renovation Potts Hill and we are a company that understands this. So if you’re in the market and looking for the best Bathroom Renovation company then let us demonstrate our process.

The Mr Splash Bathroom Renovation Process

Bathroom Renovations Potts Hill

Upon arrival at your Potts Hill premises we will scope the total number of bathrooms you wish to renovate, we will do an entire home plumbing inspection to ensure your bathrooms renovation will go smoothly and cause you any problems later on. The inspection is the most critical stage of the process as it will save you thousands in the future.

Bathroom Renovation Potts Hill

Our bathroom designer Potts Hill, Jon & his team will discuss design in accordance with your wish list. This will help us understand the simplicity of your project or the maximum outcome you wish to achieve. We will gain more information around what your inspiration designs are and we also go through the process of showcasing our past projects to further gain inspiration for your bathroom remodelling project.

Bathroom Renovations Potts Hill

Now the exciting stage begins, we will assist you with the best bathroom renovation advice possible by helping you choose the right finishes to the latest bathroom style. Some are listed below:

  • Choice of Bathroom Style
  • Choice of Bathroom Tile, Marble, Stone or Hybrid Flooring
  • Choice of Bathroom Colour Matching
  • Choice of Bathroom Toilet & Toilet Cistern
  • Choice of Bathroom Wall Hung Toilet
  • Choice of Bathroom Vanity & Size
  • Choice of Bathroom Heated Towel Racking Systems
  • Choice of Bathroom Bathtub Style
  • Choice of Silicone Colour Matching
  • Choice of Bathroom Ventilation
  • Choice of Bathroom Lighting, Ambient Lighting & Bathroom Chandeliers
  • Choice of Bathroom Shower Screens
  • Choice of Bathroom Designer Tap Fittings
  • Choice of Bathroom Floor Waste options
  • Choice Bathroom Mirror or Mirrors
  • Choice Bathroom Mirror Frame & Lighting Options
  • Choice of Bathroom Storage Options

The Post Bathroom Renovation Choice Process

Bathroom Renovation Initiation

Site Preparation & covering up of all items

(so no damage is caused to the home or unit)

Strip & Removal of existing Water Fittings

Removal of Existing Toilet & Cistern

Removal of Existing Shower

Removal & Strip Out of all existing Tiles

Render Removal or Gyprock Removal

(in some situations is asbestos has been found we will arrange a licenced asbestos company to remove the hazardous substance from your home.

Relocation of all Bathroom Water Points

(according to the new bathroom design layout)

Relocation of Bathroom Sewage

(if the toilet is to be relocated)

Relocation of Bathroom Floor Waste Points & Show Drains

Extensive Bathroom Waterproofing Applications

(so no damage is caused to the home or unit)

Extensive Bathroom Waterproofing Testing

Bathroom Waterproofing Future Tests

The Bathroom Waterproofing Membrane 10-point Test

(includes pressure test)

Pipe Testing & Drainage Test

(this ensures all demolition rocks and pieces are flushed out of your drains)

Bathroom Sewage & Toilet Waste Testing

Toilet & Cistern Installation

New Wall, Floor Tiles or Stone Installation

Bathroom Floor Drainage & Leveling Test

Tap Fitting Installation & Testing

Bathroom Floor & Wall Grouting

Entire Bathroom Caulking services

Shower Screen & Glass Installation

Light Fitting Installation

Air Ventilation Installation

Vanity Installation & Connection

Bathtub or Spa Bath Installation & Connection

Final Fit Off & Bathroom Renovation Potts Hill Report

Client Signoff

Plumber Signoff

Jon Tsingolis Signoff

Unit or Apartment
Bathroom Renovations Potts Hill

Bathroom Renovation Potts Hill

Our bathroom design expert Jon Tsingolis, is a expert in Bathroom Design & Space Design, we have extensive knowledge and experience in tight space bathroom renovations and remodelling we can assist you with General Bathroom Renovations, to Ensuite Renovations and even Ensuite Creation, the main obstacle other Bathroom Renovation Companies Potts Hill face is the scope of Plumbing works involved is far to deep or scary for them to take on the project but with our team onsite this is no issue because Mr Splash Plumbing is a licenced plumbing company and our resources are not limited to contractors like your traditional type Bathroom Renovation Company Potts Hill.

ith Units & Apartments, the common issue we face is the finish & workmanship of the original bathroom has it flaws with breaks in the waterproofing membranes that cause serious damage to the bathroom and in return, turn it into a water & mould trap, your tiles turn ugly and will start to appear like they have black discoloration along the grout and silicone. In other situations, with unit life living on the rise an overwhelming majority of our clients wish to expand the bathroom and allow for more room this is also a task for a Plumber as Plumbing design is essential to the longevity of your bathroom, anyone can claim to renovate a bathroom but only Mr Splash Plumbing can claim a lifetime warranty on workmanship, pipe & drainage.

Mr Splash Transformation

Look at our recent Bathroom Renovation completed in Potts Hill, where the Mr Splash Bathroom Renovation team were tasked with a 50-point wish list from the client that included a new Ensuite in the main bedroom & a plumbing overhaul.

Project Type: Bathroom Renovations
Year Completed: 2021
Location: Potts Hill
Bathroom Renovation Potts Hill

Home Bathroom Renovations & General Bathroom Renovations

We Love home bathroom renovation projects, our process are the best in the industry in ensuring your Bathroom Renovation Potts Hill goes to plan and gives tangible product in the end that you can be not only proud of but feel safe with your investment by choosing a licenced plumbing company to do the works, THIS is one of the most important parts when deciding who you should use.

WHY Should I use Mr Splash Bathroom Renovations Potts Hill?

Other than the list below, let us explain why the Bathroom Renovation Potts Hill is were it is today since 1990 we have seen an influx quick & cheap style workmanship by contractor style companies that promise the world and provide you a Bathroom Renovation that looks great for the first 3 months, this is because these companies and contractors are not Licenced Plumbers, they do not hold pride & workmanship at a high level, like how we do at Mr Splash Bathroom Renovations, tilling is not the essential component to a Bathroom Renovation it's what lies below the TILE, Waterproofing last when a Plumber does it, Pipes don’t break when a Plumber does it, Leaks don’t start when a Plumber does it.

We are a licensed Plumbing Company
Our Insurances are the best in the Industry
We have Lifetime Warranty
We Consult & give Practical Advice
Bathroom Renovations Potts Hill
Family Owned Since 2010
We DO NOT use Contractors
Best Plumbing Company Award Winner since 2017
We know Design & Plumbing Design
We have nothing but 5-star Reviews

We BUILD BATHROOMS LAST LIFETIME, you are more than likely Renovating your bathroom right now because of simply POOR workmanship your bathroom would be discoloured, experiencing cracks in your silicone, visible mould elements, soap build up on the perimeters, a bad smell, black spots in the ceiling, cracked taps, slow toilet flushing.This is the result of poor choices and not using a company like Mr Splash Plumbing & Bathroom Renovations your licenced local Plumbing Company

Mr Splash Plumbing

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