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Mr Splash Plumbing Sydney is a local, family run plumbing company. We have been operating for over 10 years.

When it comes to all residential and commercial plumbing services in Sydney our experience allows us to ensure that you will receive the best service possible. Each one of our highly experienced plumbers in Sydney will be able to take you through a seamless process in having any of your plumbing issues repaired. Being a local Sydney plumber we will be able to get to your door within the hour and have your work completed on the same day.

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Based on the feedback from most of our clients we understand the real struggle in finding a reliable local plumber in Sydney, this is one of the reasons why we are confident that we will be the plumber of choice for you moving forward.

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At Mr Splash Plumbing we guarantee that our all our vehicles are fully stocked with all the materials required to complete any type of plumbing issue on the same day.

We also ensure that all our vehicles are installed with all the latest equipment to fix any type of plumbing issue.

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Plumber Near You in Sydney

Based on the feedback from most of our clients we understand the real struggle in finding a reliable local plumber in Sydney, this is one of the reasons why we are confident that we will be the plumber of choice for you moving forward.

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Once again being local to Sydney we also operate on a 24 hour schedule ensuring a emergency plumber Sydney can be at your door 365 days a year at any hour of the day.
Please contact us on (02) 8093 5457

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Call us on 02 8093 5457 and let us know the nature of the problem you are experiencing. Regardless of the time, we will be able to send you a professional Plumber team to deal with your issue. We offer a wide range of plumbing services 24/7 to homes and businesses throughout Sydney. If you have a leak or clogged drain, you need to repair a leaking pipe or other plumbing services you can contact us 24 hours a day. In addition, we offer the possibility of installing new bathrooms, toilets, showers, hot water systems and much more. We offer the best prices for plumbing emergency service. Contact us and you will be assisted by a qualified plumber who will offer you immediate solutions in case of an emergency. We have plumbers to serve in any area of Sydney in less than 3 hours.


You have probably heard of hard water and fresh water. The difference between the two comes from the limestone levels they contain: hard water is the one that has a greater amount of limestone while fresh water has less.
It is called hard water when it contains a high level of minerals, specifically magnesium and calcium salts. These waters are usually subterranean soils of limestone, which increases the levels of limestone and magnesium, among others. Hard water also leaves more residues, for example, limestone on the drains and pipes, causing problems in the house. It is for this reason that in geographical areas with hard water, it is recommended to use products that avoid the formation of limestone.


A desire to relax in a warm bath to relax from a hard day’s work but there is a problem: there is no more hot water. A shower with cold water wakes you up but it’s not very pleasant.
Different type of breakdown
Two types of failures can be the source of a disappearance of hot water. Hydraulic failure and electrical failure:
You notice that the hot water is no longer flowing or that the flow is too low, so it is a hydraulic failure. The intervention of a professional plumber will be necessary in this case.


Drain cleaners on the shelf – they might work like a charm and the problem will be solved. Other times, however, it barely works against the clog to get it out of the pipes and a plumber is required. It solves the problem but sometimes warns that using a liquid cleaner can damage your pipes.
Liquid drain cleaners are chemical or enzymatic based. They burn or eat obstructions in the drains. Enzymatic cleaners essentially digest the blockage and rarely cause damage to the pipes. Chemical cleaners work because of their reactive nature. The interaction of the chemical with the material causing clogging creates a gaseous heat to burn it.


Poor water pressure is often caused by clogged pipes and may also be due to reduced pressure in the water line due to leaks, equipment failures or blocked service hoses, but most faucets are equipped with a water limiter. For new faucets, the pressure may be lower than the old faucets could provide. When it comes to an old installation, the truth is that we get used to the pressure of the shower faucet and maybe we do not realize that we have only a thin trickle of water and we think it is enough. Contact our professional plumbers if you cannot fix the issue on your own.