When working in the kitchen, you hardly realise that food residues or coffee grounds are going down the sink drain, so too with toilet paper or your hair flowing into bathroom drains. What you forget is that these materials may slowly accumulate in the drain and create plumbing problems for you. They need to be eliminated before they form blockages in the drains.


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Why Should You Attend To These Blockages In The Early Stage?


As blockage in the main drain increases, it starts showing up as a backup in the linked plumbing fixtures. Several pipelines connected to various water appliances on your property join the main drain line. If the main drain line clogs up, the accumulated water flows only backward, resulting in flooding of sinks and shower areas, etc.


Signs Of A Backed Up Drain


If you hear a gurgling sound in the pipes in the following areas, it signals a backed-up drain:


• Sink
• Shower
• Toilet
• Bathtub


The sound indicates that a blockage has built up somewhere in the drains. It is time to call a professional plumber to detect the location and carry out Drain Repairs. If the blockage becomes severe, foul smell will permeate your entire house. You must address the problem before this happens.


Overflowing Water Problems


A heavily blocked main drain does not allow water to pass through and pushes it back through force. This results in overflow into various plumbing fixtures in your house.  The plumbing fixtures on the lower floor will be the first to experience the overflowing water problem.  It is the lowest point in your home and the first casualty of overflowing water.


How To Know If Water Is Overflowing In Your Home


There are a few simple ways to test an Overflow Drain problem in your house, such as:


• Flush your toilet. Then check whether water is coming up through the shower drain or bathtub or check for the gurgling sound.
• Turn on the faucet in the bathroom sink and check if the toilet water level increases or bubbles start to surface.
• Use your washing machine and check for any water overflow in the toilet or shower drain.


These simple methods are useful because a blockage in one drain causes problems in the pipelines connected to it and in the related fixtures and appliances too.


How To Eliminate A Blockage


If you experience a plumbing problem like a drain blockage, you can try to clean up the drains by pouring these into the drains:


• Boiling water
• Baking soda and vinegar
• Dish detergent.
• Caustic soda


These solutions are effective in clearing minor blockages, but for stubborn drain blockages, you would have to call in a professional plumber. We also handle all other big and small plumbing jobs expertly. For any plumbing enquiries, feel free to contact Mr Splash Plumbing at this number- (02) 8093 5457 or send us an email via this contact us form to schedule a booking.