Overflowing drains can cause a significant mess, and the backup can result in damage as well as an unhygienic environment in your home. While an overflowing drain isn’t a sudden problem, most people tend to ignore the early signs of this issue. It’s why the problem aggravates and gets out of control, resulting in a drain that begins to overflow. We at Mr Splash Plumbing offer high-quality drain overflow services as well as a range of plumbing solutions.


Reasons For Overflowing Drains

Many different things can cause an overflow in your drains, such as:

  • If you have old clay pipes on your property, they can deteriorate and crack over time. In some cases, this damage can also cause bits of the pipe to collapse, which can cause a blockage in the drain. It’s never a good idea to ignore signs of a block.


  • We rarely pay attention to the things that we put into the drains. Things like wet wipes, food scraps, grease, etc. continue to flow into our drains through the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the shower and bathtub areas. If you do not get your drainpipe cleaned with regularity, this constant build-up can ultimately create a blockage.


  • Tree roots are a prevalent problem in many properties. They sometimes find their way into the drains that are underground in the landscaped areas. They form a very thick net inside the drain pipe. All the debris, dirt, and other food particles and scraps start to get caught in the net, creating a very stubborn block. These kinds of blocks cannot be fixed by you and need the attention of professionals.


  • Sometimes, excessive rainfall can result in an overflowing drain. Backflow from the public system can affect the flow within the drain pipes on your property. If this occurs, you must make sure that you turn the backflow valve off and wait until it stops raining before you turn on it back on again.


  • As mentioned earlier, all of these overflow problems are very sudden occurrences. You must call in a Plumbing Professional at regular intervals to carry out maintenance of all the plumbing systems. As part of these services, they will inspect every single aspect of the plumbing installations on your property. If there are any blockages, they will inform you about this so that you can get them fixed before they get out of control.


Timely intervention is always the best way to ensure that overflowing drains aren’t something you have to deal with regularly. We offer high-quality prompt and reliable plumbing solutions to commercial and residential clients. Our team works very efficiently and make sure that your overflowing drains and other plumbing problems are dealt with expertly.


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