Signs That Your Hot Water System Needs Replacement

Hot water systems are integral to all homes and they last for a number of years. But they are subjected to daily use and ultimately show signs of wear. Even a hot water heater technician would find it tricky to give an opinion on the right time to upgrade the system. But it is not difficult to identify some clear signs that your hot water heater needs replacement.

Indications That you Need to Replace Your Hot Water System

The experts at Mr. Splash Plumbing have put together this list of signs that indicate you need to get hot water system replacement done:

  1. Duration of Use

The expected life span of hot water systems is around 10 to 12 Years. If you look at the manufacturer site, you can get an idea about the expected life span.

If the water system is in use for 15 to 20 years, it has lived its life cycle. It is overdue for a replacement if it’s over this age and will be noisy and inefficient in delivering hot water consistently. If you are living in an old house, you may have no idea about when the hot water system had been installed. In such a case, you need to get a professional plumber to inspect it and tell you whether you need to replace the system or repair a certain element.

  1. Not Hot Enough Water

If you find that you are standing under a cold shower for too long before the hot water starts flowing, it’s a good idea to get the system checked by a professional plumber. The cause of the problem may just be a faulty thermostat or a burnt or broken heating element. Replacing the faulty component/s, might get the system up and running within no time, at very negligible cost.

  1. Unusual Sound From The Tank

When a hot water heater starts making strange noise such as hissing or sizzling, you need a plumber to diagnose the problem. After an inspection, he may find that a faulty valve needs replacement. It is necessary to speak to a plumber to replace the valve because the correct type of valve with accurate pressure rating is required.

  1. Sludge Or Rust Accumulation Around The Fittings

A leak can be the result of corrosion around the hot water system’s fittings. You might need to replace the fittings if the problem is not resolved by tightening the fittings. Hot water systems leaks are not easy to fix, and a professional plumber can assess the leak and fix the fault in the system.

Reliable Plumbing Services

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