Homeowners never think about the internal workings of their plumbing system. However, it might be time to pay attention to it when the toilet overflows and leaves the bathroom flooded. Many homeowners try to handle Blocked Drain themselves. However, you must know the methods before you consider taking any action.

There are several kinds of chemicals and drain cleaners that can do more harm once you pour them down the drain. To prevent such incidents from occurring in the future, look out for the warning signs. We at Mr. Splash Plumbing believe that it’s essential to start recognizing the signs that you need drain cleaning as this is a preventive measure.

Indicators That Your Drain Needs Cleaning

1. Slow Drains

Your drain wouldn’t start operating slower without any reason. Although there are several different reasons for slow-flowing drains, it most likely occurs when some objects are clogging it. Things like hair, soap, grease, and other foreign objects create clogs that slowly build up over time, and eventually slow down your drains. Clogs like these don’t get better and need immediate cleaning.

 2. Frequent Clogs

It isn’t a coincidence when you have to unclog your shower drain and toilet repeatedly. When this occurs frequently, take it as a sign that you might find yourself dealing with a significant clog in your drains down the track. In most of these cases, your efforts are often futile, which is why it’s best to leave such tasks in the hands of professionals.

3. Mysterious Odours

As soon as you start noticing mysterious odours emitting from the plumbing fixtures in your house, it’s most likely a result of a major plumbing issue. These issues can be anything from sewer gases to waste sitting in the drains. You should call in the services of a professional plumber to fix these issues.

4. Gurgling Sounds

When you start hearing gurgling noises coming from the drain or toilet, you should take immediate action. This noise is often a result of air stuck in the drain and this can affect drainage speed as well.

5. Multiple Clogged Drains

Know that you are facing a severe issue when multiple drains in your house are clogged. They’re often a sign of a much bigger problem like a main sewer clog that has to be dealt with immediately. In such cases, your best option is to call in a plumbing professional to fix the issue.

Why Hire Skilled and Experienced Sydney Plumbers?

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  • – All tasks are completed to Australian standards.
  • – We provide clients with guarantees for our work as well.


Our company has the expertise and experience to handle standard plumbing jobs with efficiency and tackle emergency plumbing tasks speedily and reliably. For any plumbing enquiries about our 24/7 emergency plumbing services, feel free to contact Mr Splash Plumbing , a plumber near you at this number- (02) 8093 5457 or send us an email via this contact us form to schedule a booking.