Have you noticed a sudden rise in your water bill? Check whether you had increased water consumption during the billing period. If there was no significant change, you’re most likely dealing with a water leak. In such situations, calling in emergency Plumber in Sydney is your best option. We at Mr Splash Plumbing offer clients with a regular, emergency, as well as leak detection services.

Water leaks are not that difficult to identify, as you will definitely notice some flooding in your kitchen sink, bathroom space, water pooling in the landscape, or even light stains on the walls. However, on the other hand, the early stages of water leaks are somewhat difficult to spot, as the damage is nearly invisible.


Water Leaks – The Causes

Plumbing systems are specially designed to be durable and withstand a considerable amount of damage. Once these systems are installed on your property, you rarely ever think about them. The only time these installations will catch your attention is when you face severe plumbing issues. Water leaks can occur as a result of several reasons, here are few of the most common ones:

  • – Although these installations are durable, they have a specific lifespan. It is only natural to face a few issues from time to time. If you don’t want to face unexpected problems like these, call in an emergency Plumber Sydney to inspect your installations.


  • – You can face severe water leaks if your pipes are cracked, rusted, or corroded.


  • – Your plumbing pipes can even break or crack from the pressure of shifting soil as a result of incorrect grading.


  • – It is not uncommon to see damaged or broken pipes during repairs and excavation.


Experienced Plumbers Can Quickly Detect Leaks

Consider calling in a skilled professional if the water leak is visible. Here are the steps that an emergency plumber Sydney follows:

  • – He would first locate the water meter on your property and the main water shut-off valve.


  • – He will then carry out a meter reading and shut off all faucets and other water-using appliances for a while.


  • – After about 30-60 minutes, he will go back and take a reading. If the reading is higher, it generally means that there’s a leak present either in the ground or the internal plumbing system.


  • – The professional will then turn off the main meter valve and take a second reading. If the meter stops moving, it indicates that the leak is inside the house. However, if the meter is still running, it means that the leaks are located underground, and needs immediate repair.


Tools for Detecting Leaks

Once the plumbing professional determines the nature of the leak, he will then identify the location of the leak. The emergency plumber Sydney will use several different tools for water leak detection, which includes:

  • – Sonic leak detection devices
  • – Video cameras
  • – Ground microphones


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