All drainage systems are specially designed to keep all sewage and wastewater odours out of your laundry spaces, kitchen, and bathrooms. A perfect drainage system will never emit any foul smell from the drains. However, in case you notice a foul stench emanating from your bathroom or laundry area, you’re most likely suffering from an issue in your drainage system.


Smelly Drains are the most common sign of a significant issue in your drainage system, and you should consider getting it fixed without delay. We at Mr Splash Plumbing offer an extensive range of plumbing solutions and are capable of handling all types kind of issues like blocked drains or smelly drains with the utmost efficiency.


Causes of Foul Smells from Drains


Here is a list of the most common reasons why you might  have  smelly drains:


  • Blockages in the pipe – Wastewater typically has a foul odour, particularly once it’s exposed to the gases present in the main sewage line. In case this water accidentally backs up, it can result in foul odour flooding your bathroom, laundry area, and kitchen.


  • The water barrier – Sewage gasses are effectively kept at bay by a water barrier present in the drain systems. This barrier acts as a permanent seal with the P-trap system, ensuring that the seal remains intact. Foul odours can start entering your house if the water present in the P-trap dries out. It occurs only when a drain hasn’t been used for a long time or if it gets disturbed.


  • Drainage line – Your drain will start giving out a foul odour if there’s a malfunction in the system. The gases in the sewer can easily escape, breaking the water barrier, and entering your house.


How to Handle This Issue


Many people that have smelly drains end up using various natural home remedies like baking soda and vinegar mixes to fix this issue. In some cases, this might prove to be effective; however, this might not work in all cases. Your best option is to hire a professional and licensed Plumber in Sydney to examine your drainage system. They are capable of handling these situations with relative ease and will ensure that all the foul odour is eliminated.


A well-established and reputed plumbing company will provide you with quick and effective services. They have a team of skilled and qualified professionals who have the knowledge to handle these tasks.  A reputable company will always provide guarantees for their work, letting you rest easy knowing that the job will be completed correctly. We at Mr. Splash Plumbing can handle all types of plumbing issues, including smelly drain problems. We offer prompt and reliable services at very reasonable costs. If you want guaranteed plumbing solutions, we are the company to call.


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